Residential Interior Design Projects in the Nelson, Richmond and Tasman regions of New Zealand.

Bathroom Design

“Bathrooms can be the last word in luxury and functionality, but preferably both—the choice is yours.”
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The bath – a place to relax in or shout Eureka! (I found it). The ‘naked scientist’ Archimedes discovered the principles of density and buoyancy in the bath. Now, 2,200 years later, the bathroom has no equal as a place of inspiration and relaxation.

For the last word in luxury and functionality, PK Design delivers updated, renovated bathroom models, putting together the pieces to fit your way of life.

For the master or small bathroom and the ensuite, PK Design uses accessories from around the world to update and plan your designer bathroom.

Turn on the taps of your new spa, shower or bath in a sparkling new PK Design setting…

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